Production Line

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With 10,000 square-meter plants and 1,800 workers, DIGICAST posses total 11 technologically advanced product lines, which create the high-quality and long-term performance products.

Our monthly capacity for Digital TV headend equipments is 8,000pcs,and 10,000pcs per month for STB,This huge product capacity makes DIGICAST dominate the highly competitive market .

PCB Production Line: 1 line for digital head-ends, and 2 lines for STB.

Assembing Line: 2 lines for digital headends, and 4 lines for STB

Aging Room: over 260 racks with each rack holding up to 30 devices.

Packing Line: 1 digital head-end packing line, and 2 STB packing line.

Warehouse: 2,300 square-meter warehouse areas allow us to store a mass of goods and enable us to meet with all the urgent and bulk requirements arising from the clients' end.