CATV to HFC Network

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 According to the customers' requirements:

1. Encoders/modulators:

-Input; 8 CVBS (AV), 1 ASI

-Output; 1 QAM, 1 ASI, 1 IPTV

(Must output QAM and IP at the same time)

2. Encoding:  MPEG 2, (H.264 not necessary)

3. Resolution:  SD

4. Conditional access software capable


We make a corresponding high cost-effective solution as above, this solution can totally meet your requirements.

40 SD programs carried by 4 QAM adjacent frequencies, it just needs 5pcs DMB-9312 Encoder and 1pc DMB-5120 QAM Modulator.


Brief introduction of equipments:


1) DMB-9312 MPEG-2 SD Eight-Channel Encoder

-Input; 8 CVBS (AV), 1 ASI (for multiplexing external ASI signals) 

-Output; 1 ASI, 1 IP out (for IPTV application) 

Encoding: MPEG-2

Resolution: SD

DMB-9312 features high compact design with 8 channels inputs and advanced compression technology for super low bit rate to save the bandwidth source.



2) DMB-5120 Mux-Scrambling QAM Modulator

Input: 4*ASI

Output: 4*QAM adjacent frequencies

supports up to 4 CA?? simul-crypt

Capable of 4*Multiplexing, 4*Scrambling and 4*QAM RF Modulation.

Dmb-5120 features high compact and integrative design with multi-function, saving your cost of Multiplexers, Scramblers.