Sep 29 , 2020


As CCBN 2013 (The 16th China Broadcasting Network exhibition) ended on 23rd March,2013,Hangzhou Digicast Technology Co., Ltd. had benifited a lot by attending with series of new digital TV headend equipments. Digital television terrestrial broadcasting solutions, digital television test and STB solutions were taken as the key to be shown in the exhibition.

Meanwhile, Digicast displayed all series of products in DTMB(Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast) standard, which are newly developed such as professional IRD, encoder, multiplexer, modulator, exciter, MPEG TS transmission equipment, etc..

Digital TV terrestrial broadcasting technology and products had become the main attention this year. And Digicast showed powerful strength in this area(Chinese standard DMB-TH and DVB-T/H). They also lauched DMB-2210 DTMB Excitor, DMB-2200 DTMB Modulator, DMB-2018 DVB-T Exciter, DMB-2028 DVB-T Modulator, etc.. Among which, DMB-2210 and DMB-2200 support all modes of DTMB, able to be widely applied to all operators, DTMB STB, research and development of chips, receiver module of DTMB notebook, development and test of digital TV stick, and so on.

During the exhibition, Digicast's booth attracted lots of foreign and domestic customers. Having focused on Digicast for long, they took this opportunity to visit and show great interests and cooperation intetion. The characteristic digital television terrestrial broadcasting solution scheme drew amounts of visitors, too.